Meet the SkeptiXX

Dren Asselmeier is a writer, activist, and campus organizer for the student outreach program at Center for Inquiry. She served as president of CFI–GVSU and was the campus coordinator for CFI–Michigan. Dren has a B.A. in English Language and Literature from Grand Valley State University, where she graduated cum laude under her Christian name Baroness Adrienne Von Asselmeier. She is also the president of the Buffalo Area Non-Profit Professionals and a member of the American Society of Administrative Professionals.

Michelle Blackley is the Communications Director at the Center for Inquiry and previously worked in the book publishing industry. She has a Master of Arts in Interpersonal Communication from New York University.




Veronica K. B.  is a graduate student in physics. Before returning to university she used to work with webdesign. She is an active skeptic, blogger, feminist, and secular humanist. She is also transgender but not yet certain where on the transgender spectrum she is. At the moment she is living in Norway spending her free time feeding the polar bears that roam the icy streets of Oslo.

Renee Perry is Program Manager for a non-profit.  She has a doctorate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Cornell University. Constitutionally skeptical, she was told by her grandmother that she would run out of questions, but she hasn’t yet.  She blogs infrequently, reads incessantly, and is body servant to four cats. She and her spouse live in California, where it may just be legal after all.

Julia Lavarnway is the managing editor of the Skeptical Inquirer and the “News and Views” columnist for Free Inquiry‘s quarterly newsletter, Secular Humanist Bulletin. She started We Are SkeptiXX out of her frustration and dismay over the lack of support for and recognition of women in many organizations in the formal skeptics movement. When she is not poring over galley proofs striking fear into the hearts of  unsuspecting comma splices, she enjoys reading novels while futilely attempting to turn off her copy editor’s laser beams, spending time with her luthier boyfriend of five years and their mini dachshund, and annoying those around her by speaking largely in movie/tv quotes.

Lori Lieberman, RD, CDE, MPH, LDN advocates for normal eating—a non-diet approach to weight management, through mindfully eating great tasting food—chocolate and desserts included! In 1989 she founded Lori Lieberman & Associates, a private nutrition practice with 3 offices in MA. She works with clients to improve their relationship with food to impact their physical and mental health. She has a BA in Biology from Brown University, a MPH from UNC-Chapel Hill, and is a Certified Diabetes Educator.  See and for more info.


Sarah Pierce could not care less about aliens. When they descend upon the earth to become our overlords (although that might be an incorrect title because she believes them to be genderless), she’ll be all, “YAWN! I’ve already seen this movie, and it bored me the first time!” Sarah Pierce is skeptical about a woman’s “need” to have marriage and children, and the idea that any religion is the right or only religion (indeed, as an agnostic, she is skeptical of the idea that religion is needed at all). Sarah Pierce is also skeptical of anything that is “blue raspberry” flavor.

Benjamin Radford is Deputy Editor of Skeptical Inquirer magazine, a Research Fellow with the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, and author of six books. He has worked for years to bring more female and minority voices to organized skepticism, and loves hearing schoolkids—of any gender—say they want to grow up to be scientists.


Kylie Sturgess is the host of the Token Skeptic podcast and regularly writes editorials for numerous publications, such as the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry’s “Curiouser and Curiouser” web-column. She teaches philosophy, studies psychology and lives in Australia. In addition, she blogs at when not staring blankly at the screen and writing in third person in an attempt to sound more rock’n’roll.

Dr. Amy Tuteur is an obstetrician gynecologist. She received her undergraduate degree from Harvard College in 1979 and her medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine in 1984. Dr. Tuteur is a former clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School. She left the practice of medicine to raise her four children. She blogs at The Skeptical OB, writing about the impact of pseudoscience on women’s health issues.

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  1. Amy (T) January 31, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    wow, so happy you did this! love all of you and this idea!

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