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Token SkeptiXX Interview – Marian Call

4 Dec

The following interview was featured on the Token Skeptic podcast, Episode #85 — On Something Fierce.

The Sunday night chat-room for every live-streamed episode of Skeptically Speaking is packed. Around fifteen to twenty regulars converge (with a dozen anonymous lurkers) to not only listen to the broadcast, but banter, joke and fire questions at the moderator, KO Myers, which he passes onto the studio in Edmonton, Canada.

Suddenly there’s a technical glitch; instead of listening to Desiree Schell coax information from scientists and policy creators, we’re listening to a woman singing about being a geek to the taps of a typewriter.

The response is immediate: Who is she? What is that song? That’s so me! How wonderful! Everybody forgets to grumble about interview-interruptus and instead pepper KO with questions about the name of the song, album, singer.

Marian call is on Facebook, Google+, and her own site.

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Joyful Beginnings, or Lamenting the Dearth of XX Chromosomers in the Skeptics Community

1 Dec

I don’t know if you skeptical peeps have noticed, but there are not very many female skeptics kicking around the skeptics movement. Actually, I just lied. There are quite a few female skeptics out there; it’s just that few (well, let’s face it, none) of them get as much attention as their male counterparts. Okay, I lied twice in that first sentence—I know full well that many of you out there have indeed noticed this inequity. I honestly find this dearth of estrogen in the movement a bit baffling and, well, really annoying. There are some amazing women in the skeptics community—Eugenie Scott, Harriet Hall, and Karen Stollznow immediately come to mind to name a few—but none of them gets the recognition of a James Randi, Phil Plait, Steven Novella, Adam Savage, Richard Wiseman, Joe Nickell, et alia ad nauseum. When most people think of skepticism they immediately think of an aging bald white guy♠. Hell, that is the first image that comes to my mind when I think of skepticism, and I’m the one lamenting the lack of female influence in the movement in this very post!

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